Salakino: Romeo + Juliet

*commisioned work

A work that immersed the viewer into nostalgia, the first loves of youth, teenage diaries and the world of idols. 90s, hot Verona and star-crossed lovers. The Salakino concept takes its viewers far beyond the big screen. Combining theater, circus and dance, this 360-degree staged experience let the experiencers into Verona’s nightless nights and the stories of characters familiar from the film. The viewer was able to watch up close the families disputes, the hustle and bustle of the Capulet festivities or how two people exchanged a hidden private moment. The viewer did not have to participate, but as the work spread over an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters, it was possible for them to travel from one event to another in the world of this classic film and explore even deeper by reading secret letters and performing various tasks. The work battled power, gender roles, norm-crushed characters, and themes of liberation. What would you do to live your own truth? The evening combined immersive work, festivities, bar delicacies and ended with a shared special film screening enlivened with special effects.

Concept, script, direction, visual design: 00100ENSEMBLE

Lights: Joonas Genral

Sound: Petri Karhula

Production: 00100ENSEMBLE with Culture factory Korjaamo (Hanna Hynynen)

Cast : Sade Risku, Leo Ikhilor, Tuulia Elorinne,
Niki Rautén, Elina Vehkaoja, Jussi Järvinen, Sirja Sauros, Tuomas Tulikorpi, Hiski Grönstrand

Premiere 09.07.2019