Memory machines

*commisioned work

The library's artificial intelligence (January 9-13, 2019) was an art project organized by the Finnish New York Cultural Institute's Mobius Fellowship program and the Helsinki City Library in the central library in Oodi.

00100ENSEMBLE, together with Samir Bhowmik, created a project combingin essays and immersive scenes into the library’s space. In the work, the experiencer had the opportunity to enter the premises of the new center library Oodi, which are normally excluded from public.  Through corridors and engine rooms the piece ended all the way up at the roof structures. How do buildings breathe? Can a block-sized structure filled with robotics and machinery be organic?

Concept, script, direction, visual design: 00100ENSEMBLE

Cast: Sade Risku, Onni Hämäläinen, Henna Tanskanen