Q: Immersive, so basically… what even is that?

For us immersive shows mean that there will be no seated audience. You’re free to roam around and explore the whole building and the 1400m² of space. You get to choose what characters and stories you follow. But remember to chill. The show happens in all spaces at once, so no rushing or panicking will make it possible for you to see everything. Take it easy, be adventurous, walk alone, make choices and immerse yourself. 


Q: Do I need to prepare somehow before?

Indeed you do. The evening has a dress code. So dress fully in black. This is not a request.

You will be given a mask upon arrival that will cover the top half of your face, so if possible wear contact lenses.

Q: What I might forget to ask?

Cloakroom? Check, we have one. Toilets? Check, but they will be accessible only once the show has started. So don’t drink 3 coffees before arriving. Intermission? No, but you are more than happy to make one for yourself by finding a sweet spot to hang in. Who's performing? We’ll never tell. Ok, we will, but later. What is the show actually about? Hysteria is an awe-inspiring tale about forcing people into boxes and giving them labels. A show about what happens when it’s all too much. Hysteria is a labyrinth where you can lose yourself.. Like really lose yourself. Will I get anxious or sad? Depends. We feel like it gives hope more though than those vibes. But we are all different. Also... some beautiful and wholesome things we promise. Am I allowed to dance? In our productions ALWAYS. Kaboom!


Q: Am I expected to participate or perform?

You can take it easy. Just by being there and having your eyes and ears open is enough. Also no one is going to touch you or invade your space. This show is not participatory. The performers enjoy doing their thing, so let’s not take that away from them. That said, there might be a few moments where you have the chance to take part in the plot lines and adventures. Would not miss those if I were you.

Q: Wait a minute, the show is not in the centre of Helsinki?

It is easily reachable with public transportation from the centre of Helsinki. Travel time is approximately 20min from the centre.

Q: Does the performance have an age limit?

Yes, age limit is 18. Non negotiable. PG stuff can be found elsewhere. 


Q: If I’m late can I still make it to the performance?

No, no and no. Doors will be locked and no one can hear you.  


Q: For reals, even if only a little bit late?

To be honest, we might have been late once or twice in our lifetime. So we are strict but caring. Upon arrival you might find a phone number that might help you to enter the immersive world, even when arriving late.

Q: How long is the performance? 

2h 15min. You can make it to the centre of Helsinki easily for a drink by 10pm, if needed.


Q: Accessibility of the venue/ Content
Unfortunately the venue is not very accessible. The venue is not accessible with a wheelchair.  

The building has four floors, stairs, uneven ground, and no elevator. With needed certification, we are more than happy to offer a personal assistant a free ticket (please contact: tuottaja@00100ENSEMBLE.com). We will also make new worlds more accessible in the future

In the show there are moving lights, loud noices, dimly light areas, strong scenes, sexual content and fake blood. 


Q: Who are you people?

We are a Helsinki based collective and we love to create large scale immersive shows/ worlds for people to adventure into. You can find more info about our previous work by clicking *home* at the left corner above. 


Q: Will our phones be taken away? Will there be food? Will I hear a song?

Enough with the questions! Just go and buy your ticket. All will be revealed.

Please read carefully. Here is some important information for you to know before arriving to Hysteria.

For any questions contact:



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HYSTERIA - You're not alone

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