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Antti Kokkola /

Takki auki productions

- You’re not alone -

Hysteria is an awe-inspiring tale through different decades and realities about forcing people into boxes and giving them labels. But what happens when it’s all too much?

An immersive performance transforms a hundred-year-old building in its entirety into a captivating new world combining theatre, dance, music, and contemporary circus. A thrilling multi-artistic show for all the senses. Over 1400m² of performance space and dozens of worlds for you to freely wander and explore.

The choice is yours to decide who you follow, what you see, and what you experience making the night of each audience member different and unique. Get ready for a reality you have not experienced yet, and one you won’t forget. Duration of the perfomance is around 2 hours. 

Hysteria is a labyrinth where you can lose yourself... Like really lose yourself.

Premiere 28.02.2022

Playing Spring and Fall season 2022

Performance venue: Haaga, HELSINKI

Concept, script, directing, visual design: 00100ENSEMBLE

Sound design: Paavo Malmberg, Jussi-Pekka Parviainen

Light design: Lauri Lundahl

Cast: Samuli Eloranta, Heli Hyttinen, Onni Hämäläinen, Milla Jarko, Boodi Kabbani, Selma Kauppinen, Millla Kortemaa, Anna Kuusamo, Katariina Lantto, Kaisa Leppänen, Sanna Levo, Toini Nissinen, Pauliina Palo, Irina Pulkka, Niki Rautén, Sanna Ristaniemi, Sofia Ruija, Emilia Sinisalo, Henna Tanskanen, Laura Torkkel,  Hamis Zzy

Assistants for set design: Toini Nissinen, Anna Pietilä

Production: Wilhelmina Sederholm + 00100ENSEMBLE

Assistant for production: Helka Marjomaa

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