Hotel H

*commisioned work

A work that invited you as a guest into a hotel. The show spread throughout the entire top floor, it's rooms and corridors of a central Helsinki hotel. Which rooms did you find your way to and whose stories took you with you? What is happening behind the closed doors of the hotel and to what secret private moments were you invited to witness? The work combined theater, dance and installation art. Maybe you got invited to a tea party or pampered yourself at the spa. Viewers could follow the characters storielines or spend the evening focusing on the more playful elements and tasks in the show. The work evoked people’s own vision and experience of the city where they live. Through nostalgia, the work tackled timeless questions about lust, love, loneliness, and a desire to escape everyday life.

Concept, script, direction, visual design: 00100ENSEMBLE

Light design: Olli Johansson

Sound design: Hannu Nummela

Cast : Antti Autio, Annuska Hannula, Hegy Tuusvuori, Kai Vaine, Juha Pulli, Minna Hokkanen, Tiina Syrjä, Antti Tiensuu, Marlon Moilanen 


MUAH : Emma Korosuo

In collaboration: Hotelli Helka ja NoFear Agency

Immersiivinen esitys hotellin kerroksessa, huoneissa ja käytävillä 29.-31.5.2019