*commisioned work

Hollywoodland is a show about how to be seen, liked, loved, how much would you be willing to sacrifice for success or for the hope of false happiness. How to be immortal. For the last weekend in August, Sellosali turned into Hollywoodland, where the guests were able to follow the characters striving for success in the harsh reality of the film industry and immerse themselves in various power situations. Auditions, disappointment, jealousy, glamour and the humanity underneath it all.  Hollywoodland took over the whole building and all of the spaces and corridors of Sellosali. The audience went through a network of stories and got a chance to peek into the magical world of Hollywoodland

Concept, script, direction, visual design: 00100ENSEMBLE

Production: 00100ENSEMBLE with Sellosali (Laura Nordlund, Liina Sipilä)

Cast : Jaana Saarinen, Niina Koponen, Maiju Saarinen, Boodi Kabbani, Mimmi Riikonen

+ Dance school DCA, Music institute Juvenalia

Premiere 27.08.2021